1) How do I place an order

You have to download our app ‘Fresh N Raw’ from the Google Playstore, specify your location in the app and go through our delectable variety of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits and place your order. You will be securely redirected to our payment gateway wherein you can pay for the amount and your order will be with you in no time.

2) What are other ways to place orders?

As of now, we are offering to order only from our app. But we are in the process of making other channels available for placing orders soon. Keep checking our website freshnraw.co.in for more details

3) Do you take delivery charges?

Yes, we take INR XXXXX as the delivery charges.

4) Is there a cash on delivery option available at Fresh N Raw?

Unfortunately at this point we cannot offer a Cash on Delivery option. You would have to pay at checkout in the app.

5) What is the workaround in case if a payment failure happens?

In case if you experience a payment failure incidence and amount still gets debited, the refund will be routed through the vendor’s payment gateway. The refund process is subject to third party vendor’s policy. In case of additional concerns, you can write to us at contactus@freshnraw.co.in.
Payment to other than customer account/third party payment is not permitted under Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

6) I have still not received my order, what should I do?

You can check the status of your order in our app through which you placed the order. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, please write to us at contactus@freshnraw.co.in.

7) How can I be sure that the product is fresh?

We at Fresh N Raw believe that our USP is ensuring absolute freshness and quality of food. A lot of other vendors may also promise earlier deliveries, but that is because they claim the food to be fresh, while it is in fact frozen food. We maintain strict hygiene standards at our slaughter houses and packaging centres. After packaging we maintain our meat products at 0-4°C, which ensures their freshness and safety for consumption right till they reach your doorstep.

8) What is the difference between Fresh meat and Frozen meat?

Meat stored in a cool temperature (0-4°C) after slaughtering can be considered as Fresh meat. You do not need to thaw or de-freeze this food before consumption. Whereas, food which is stored under -4°C can be considered as Frozen food. It is required to thaw or de-freeze this food before cooking. Fresh N Raw does not supply frozen food.

9) What is the shelf life of meat that Fresh n Raw sells?

Fresh N Raw supplies raw meat, ready to cook and ready to eat type of meats. The shelf life for raw meat is xx hours, for ready to cook meat it is xx months and for ready to eat meat it is xx months. Please note that the products have to be stored at cold temperatures (0-4°C) at all times in order to avoid getting spoilt.

10) Any special instructions for storage of fish?

Fish also has to be stored at cold temperatures in order to stay fresh. Please note that if the fish is smelling excessively, it is not to be consumed. We ensure utmost care to deliver the fish to you as soon as it is received at the shore by us. Please add or edit any more instructions as required.

11) Do you add any growth hormones to the meat that you sell?

Fresh N Raw ensures to provide meat that is wholesome and healthy to consume. We do not add any antibiotics or any growth promoting substances or hormones to our meat products.

12) I do not consume pork or beef due to religious reasons. Does Fresh N Raw also process beef and pork at their processing units?

No. We do not process any pork or beef products at our processing units. We only process chicken, mutton and fish products as mentioned in our product line up. We care for and respect the beliefs of our consumers.

13) What is the difference between the Gross and the Net weight?

Gross weight is the amount of meat before processing from which the final product is obtained. During this process there is some wastage which is the difference between the gross and the net weight. Please note that we do not charge our consumers for the wastage that happens during processing.

14) Why is there is a price difference between other vendors and Fresh N Raw?

Fresh N Raw believes in 3 things – Best Quality, Accurate weights and Reasonable rates. We never compromise on the safety and the freshness of our meats. Our weights are absolutely accurate and as mentioned earlier we do not charge the consumer for wastage during processing. If you compare our prices against other vendors, we are in fact delivering more meat at a significantly lower price point than other vendors. Customer centricity has been and will always be a part of our DNA.

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